GHB Get Home Bag

I’ve been wanting to put together a Get Home Bag for awhile now. I just seem to never get around to it.
I drive a mini-van for my business so it’s not something I can hide from nosy people. I also have to work on school grounds a lot so I can’t have a firearm in it. I might only be 5 miles from home or 100 miles on a day to day routine. So you can see my problems of putting this together.
Any ideas to help?

Re: GHB Get Home Bag

Definitely start with some basics

Some bottled water
A lifestraw works well for water if your bottled water runs out
A few freeze dried meals or some of the emergency ration bars for food
Clothes for any weather condition you may encounter in your area and season.
A good multi tool
A first aid kit
Maybe a family picture or something to keep your spirits up
Lighter/matches/tinder kindling (or cotton balls soaked in vaseline)

That's a start you can do relatively easily

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