Re: Grip Swap—Before and After

highdesert wrote: Tue May 25, 2021 8:33 am A shiny new wood grip, very nice. Personally I prefer a butt ugly rubber grip to absorb recoil, but smaller grips can be easier to conceal.
Jury is still out on practicality. I made the swap primarily out of the concealability concern, as that old grip printed like the dickens. But I haven't shot it yet, so we will see. I have big hands, so on one side of it I am definitely losing some surface area on the grip, but on the other my hands may be able to absorb some of what was lost with the previous grips. Will report back after range day.

Re: Grip Swap—Before and After

FrontSight wrote: Tue May 25, 2021 2:43 pm Snub nosed small frame .357's are just abusive to shoot. The guy being shot only comes out slightly worse off than the guy doing the shooting!

But your gun looks good with the classic grips.
It's interesting, because I actually bought the 357 with the intention of mainly shooting 38 special out of it, but wanting a little more weight. I find that I vastly prefer shooting 357, and shoot it much better. Of course, that is with the beefier grips, but I have yet to be turned off by any of my 357 loads.

Re: Grip Swap—Before and After

DUDE!!! The new grips on the Buckmark are mighty handsome!!!!
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