Bullseye Question, where are the non-LGC rules?

I was at lodge (AF&AM) tonight and mentioned a small-bore pistol bullseye competition some Saturday as an activity. To say they ran with it is an understatement.

We all agreed to stick with Smallbore as the ammunition costs are simply too high for anything else. However, instead of it being a Saturday fun match, they want to do postal matches with other lodges. In addition to that, they want to invite the local community to shoot with us. Sort of a, "we're the masons, come do fun stuff with us," kind of event.

Of course, as the person who mentioned it, I am the presumed expert. I am not an expert. I can't even find the rules. All I can find is this https://competitions.nra.org/media/8365 ... -rules.pdf if the rules for small-bore pistol are in there, I can't find them.

We have a simplified ruleset, is there a similar document that conforms to national rules? Can someone point me at it?

If not, I will probably just going to go with the LGC ruleset. I am a bit concerned that some will be put off by the word "Liberal," (but then, I also see it as a way to expose others to the LGC). Can I freely copy and distribute the LGC ruleset?
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