13yo girl killed Monroe, North Carolina drive-by

4 charged with 13-year-old girl’s murder in Monroe drive-by shooting
MONROE, N.C. — Four men are behind bars, accused of a drive-by shooting that left a 13-year-old girl dead in Monroe, authorities said.

Officers responded to the shooting scene along Icemorlee Street around 8 p.m. on Saturday. The teen victim, Loyalti Allah, was hit when someone in an SUV opened fire, according to police.
Authorities believe the girl was sitting with friends on a picnic table when a black Ford SUV drove by, and someone inside started shooting. The SUV sped away after the shooting, police said.

Re: 13yo girl killed Monroe, North Carolina drive-by

To share a personal observation which reveals my own racial bias, when I read this article and in my mind decided the shooters were gang members and the victim and family are African Americans in a low income neighborhood, there is almost an acceptance that such forms of random gun violence are endemic to “those places.” Contrast this with the story of the little boy who was shot and killed, just as randomly in the backseat of his mother’s car, and the road rage shooter were a stupid young white guy and his dumb Asian girlfriend which set off a huge manhunt for a white VW Jetta. I believe the outrage of the second story directly relates to the fact that such random violence is “Unacceptable!” because it hits closer to home. Such is the workings of unconscious bias: A little black girl dying is merely sad because she existed in a different world. A little white boy dying is an outrage because he could have existed down the street.

I don’t like my biases very much when I accept gang shootings easier than random shootings. Because the two spheres of influence are not factually that different living here in Los Angeles.
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Re: 13yo girl killed Monroe, North Carolina drive-by

You're right Bisbee, another random shooting where an innocent child was again the victim. We've read about so many of these types of shootings that we all assume it's a drive by over drugs or a feud between gangs, those seem the most common. The killing of Aiden Leos in Orange County on a freeway in a road rage incident was unusual.
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