Warp factor micron, Mr. Sulu.

To further evaluate his groundbreaking results and move the research forward, White and his team have come up with a proposed design for a testable, nano-scale “warp drive craft.”

“Specifically,” said White during the AIAA presentation, “a toy model consisting of a 1-micron diameter sphere centrally located in a 4-micron diameter cylinder was analyzed to show a three-dimensional Casimir energy density that correlates well with the Alcubierre warp metric requirements.”

“This qualitative correlation,” he adds, “would suggest that chip-scale experiments might be explored to attempt to measure tiny signatures illustrative of the presence of the conjectured phenomenon: a real, albeit humble, warp bubble.”

White expanded further on that idea in yet another email to The Debrief.

“This is a potential structure we can propose to the community that one could build that will generate a negative vacuum energy density distribution that is very similar to what’s required for an Alcubierre space warp.”
https://thedebrief.org/darpa-funded-res ... rp-bubble/

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