Greetings from San Antonio!

Howdy all,

I am from San Antonio, I'm a long reformed ultra-right-winger. I've been a firearm owner/enthusiast for as long as I've been legally able to own them, and it took on new urgency with everything that happened in 2020.

Since then I got back into firearms bigly, as well as ensuring my family and myself have adequate training and supplies for emergency situations that come up. Having been to many ranges/shops around the area over the years I decided to start my own business selling firearms, ammo, and emergency supplies. Still waiting for my FFL to be approved but I am now officially registered as a business in TX!

My business site is and I also maintain an informational site at

Looking forward to chatting with everyone!

Re: Greetings from San Antonio!

Greetings from another SATX'er.

When you get your FFL let me know if you take guns on consignment to sell with commission - I have some NIB plus used and reducing the herd. Nothing fancy, just a bunch of safe queens these days. Depending on your location and your charges may consider using you for shipments. Good luck with the business.
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