Re: Democratic Illinois legislators pass bill constraining challenges to laws, EOs to Sangamon, Cook county courts

All legislative bodies have dates after which no new bills can be introduced in a session. A way to get around it is to take an existing bill that has failed and gut it out, leaving only the bill number and a shell. In its place they enter new language so in effect it's a new bill with an existing bill number.

So new legal challenges can only be filed in Cook County (Chicago) or Sangamon County (Springfield, the state capital). Can't file challenges in the other 100 counties in Illinois.
if an action is brought against the State or any of its officers,
11 employees, or agents acting in an official capacity on or
12 after the effective date of this amendatory Act of the 103rd
13 General Assembly seeking declaratory or injunctive relief
14 against any State statute, rule, or executive order based on
15 an alleged violation of the Constitution of the State of
16 Illinois or the Constitution of the United States, venue in
17 that action is proper only in the County of Sangamon and the
18 County of Cook. ... =&Session=

They want judges who will be more favorable to the state in ruling on state statutes or the constitutionality of laws. Called stacking the deck. If Pritzker the gov signs it, I expect it will be in federal court very soon.
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