High Standard, anyway to improve reliability?

Hello, I have a High Standard Supermatic Military Citation. With the one factory magazine, it is unreliable except with Minimags, and with the 2 additional Interarms magazines, it just sucks. Is there anyway to make this thing reliable, even with just the factory magazine? I've already tried to adjust the feed lips on the magazines. I keep it clean. Thanks.

At this rate, I'm thinking of selling it and buying a Ruger Mark IV.
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Re: High Standard, anyway to improve reliability?

I’ve heard high standard is supposed to be a pretty good pistol. Have you tried different ammo, some semiautomatic 22LR are finicky and need a certain speed be it sub sonic or other. Some don’t like high velocity others do. Also, how old is the gun, and what’s your cleaning lube regiment?

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Re: High Standard, anyway to improve reliability?

sikacz wrote: Thu Feb 01, 2024 9:42 pm It appears like standard velocity is what you should be using. Check your manual if you have one.
Plus 1, you should stick to standard velocity ammo, slides have been known to crack using high velocity ammo.

You should probably replace the springs especially the recoil spring as they do wear and cause problems.
You don't really say what problem you're having so it's pretty hard to guess the cause.
There are multiple generations of High Standard's. The oldest are the best; there was quality loss when they moved to East Hartford and more when they were sold and went to Texas.
I own three, a Supermatic Citation and four- and six-inch versions of the HD Military all made late 40's to late 50's in Hamden CT. and are beautifully made, rock solid and I don't know if I've ever had a FTF.
All my mags are high standards and I've never had to touch the feed lips, but I know some folks monkey with them; do they look like they were messed with in the past?
How old is it and where was it made?
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Re: High Standard, anyway to improve reliability?

sikacz wrote: Thu Feb 01, 2024 8:42 pm Also, how old is the gun, and what’s your cleaning lube regiment?
I don't really know how old it is, but HS has been gone for a long time. It was someone's safe queen. I bought it about 8 or 10 years ago when he died. After shooting, I field strip it, remove the lubricants (Outer's Nitro Solvent) and burnt powder with a nylon brush. I use a nylon bore brush and Break-Free CLP for the bore. Then I add a tiny amount of Rem-Oil to the moving parts and rails. Finally, I swab the carbon steal bore with Rem-Oil in case I don't shoot it for awhile. Also I clean out the magazine with a nylon magazine brush and Nitro-Solvent.

The pistol is made of steel, has good Patrige sights, a bull barrel, and cut checkered, unfinished, wooden grips. In the past, the one factory magazine was pretty reliable with HV or SV. I didn't shoot it for several years, and now the factory magazine is getting FTFs a lot using Fed. Gold Medal HV. I had a S&W m.41 once that only shot reliably with CCI Standard Velocity. I'll try them in the HS.
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Re: High Standard, anyway to improve reliability?

The only High Standards I have are revolvers so no problems and I can't help the OP with viable suggestions. I will say that I'm a semi auto pistol aficionado and my "serious" guns are autoloaders including a couple of Colt Pocket Hammerless built between 1918 and 1923. My point is that finicky auto loaders, regardless of caliber, are goners at my place.

I simply have no time nor patience for screwing with pistols that fail to feed, extract, etc. and if they don't play well they get sold pronto. I have never been able to tolerate an auto loader that doesn't work or play well with others. Hats off to the OP for being a Patience Saint. Good on ya.

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