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The Liberal Gun Club was founded in large part with the goal in mind of bringing firearm training and education in a non-partisan format to the publicĀ 

Over the last several years, we have worked with professionals in the industry to develop three training classes that are now offered to the general public, with an emphasis on real world needs rather than some of the more tactical trainings you’ll find in some other places.

1) Introduction to range safety

This short class is designed to help new shooters form a baseline in safety and marksmanship, helping their first time at the range be safe and fun. It’s specifically for novice shooters who may already have purchased a firearm but aren’t sure where to go to find out how to use it. For those that don’t have a firearm, your professional instructor will have several options to try while you are doing the course of fire after the classroom portion.

Time: 4 hours

2) Firearms Familiarization

This is the next class in our series, and is accepted training in Massachussets for the “License to Carry”, and may meet other state training requirements for firearm ownership. This class goes more in depth and will give the student an overview of various types of firearms, including rifle, pistol, and shotgun, but will only have live fire for pistol due to time constraints. In addition to firearm familiarization, other topics include maintenance as well as an overview of federal and state gun laws. This class covers the content in our Introduction to Range Safety course, and is suitable for beginners.

Time: 8 hours

3) Introduction to Defensive Pistol

When we were looking to put our defensive pistol course together, we wanted to be sure that it wasn’t just a “me too” offering. We wanted our students to walk away from this course with practical knowledge that could be applied immediately rather than focusing on esoteric and wildly improbable circumstances. This course was developed by Grant Cunningham- a very well known (in these circles) instructor who emphasizes practical skills rather than flashy drills. You will walk away with valuable information for more probable events.

Time: 8 hours

Currently the LGC has instructors in these states:





Iowa (Southeast)




New Jersey

North Carolina




Are you a current firearms instructor that would like to offer LGC courses? Want to take one of our courses? Check out our frequently asked questions here first:

Instructor FAQ


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